Reasons to play fruitautomaten

Fruitautomaten, or fruit machines, are not very popular among young players. They are often seen as games that appeal mostly to older players and popular casino game developers like NetEnt always give these games a special touch. So they end up looking like fruitautomaten, while they are actually something very different. This is a pity, because there is a large group of casino players that has never tried these great games, while they might enjoy them a lot. Let us explain to you just why fruitautomaten are the best casino games.

You can play them for free

Whenever you enter an online casino and see fruitautomaten gratis spelen, this means that you can play fruit machines for free. And this happens a lot more than with other casino games. As these games are not as popular as video slots, providers want players to get familiar with their games and offer them for free more often. Just to convince the hesitant players to try out this new type of game. And you can reap the benefits of this.

Casino games offer actual wins

Most casino players don’t realise this, but when you hit a win at a video slot, most of the times is actually a loss. Here’s an example to elaborate this statement; you can bet €10 on a round at a video slot and win €5. Instead of winning €5, you actually lose €5 when this happens. But as it is presented as a win, you barely even notice it. When you play on fruitautomaten this will never happen. If you bet €10 and hit a win, the win will always be higher than €10. So you will always be aware of your losses and wins.

All the rules are clear immediately

When you look at any of the fruitautomaten in a casino, you will immediately see all the rules. There are no complicated rules that if you hit x, you get this and if you simultaneously hit y, you get that. The rules are clean and simple. A certain amount of similar symbols on the payline, get you a win that is displayed clearly in the upper right corner. Some fruitautomaten have wild symbols and if they do, the rules are very clear.

No casino distractions

Some video slots nowadays look like an average Hollywood movie. Especially the ones with an intro. Even though this is great to watch, it might be somewhat distracting for a player that just wants to have fun with simple slot machines. That’s when fruitautomaten come in handy. Usually these fruit machines have a theme, but it only consists of one image. Take popular fruit machine Couch Potato for example. There is one image of a potato on a couch in that game, without any further distractions. And this is typical for all fruitautomaten. So you really see what you get when it comes to these games.

Just the best games

If you are not convinced yet, let us end this article by saying that fruitautomaten are simply the best casino games that have ever been invented. They are the reason that casinos exist in the first place and they are the games that have been developed further into the popular video slots. Without fruit machines, there wouldn’t even be casinos. And, for the older crowd, who doesn’t remember playing on a fruit machine at a local restaurant while waiting for their food. Back in the days, these casino games were widely available and everybody played them. There is a reason for that and if you are not convinced yet, you should just try for yourself.

Online Casinos & Slots in Thailand

slots bangkokThailand is a beautiful country and home to some of the most amazing clubs, beaches, and online casinos. Moreover, it is one of the worlds most popular locales for Expats to live.

Besides the amazing sceneries and fun adventures Thailand has to offer, the country loves to gamble online.

In Thailand, you will find zero land-based casinos because it is illegal according to the Gambling Act in B.E. 2478 (1935). This law ONLY allows local citizens two forms of gambling; horse race betting and the national lottery. It is even considered illegal when you play casino games without any exchange of money.

Online Casinos

As I mentioned above land-based casinos are illegal in Thailand, however, there are some online casinos that locals can play on. The only thing is that in Thailand casino games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps and so on are not popular at all. So online casinos must adapt to their taste of games.


Playing online slots in Thailand is very popular. The most played slot is starburst which does not come as shock because this online slot is popular in almost all markets. Locals also love playing casino games called Hi-Lo. This is basically their local addition of Sico games.

Final note:

Online casinos that offer slots and other casino games that contain a license abroad must target casino players from these countries with fuzzy laws in regards to gambling online.

10bet casino, Thanks!

Bangkok is certainly a city that I won’t get out of my mind. Since I first visited this gem of Southeast Asia I kept coming back and to be quite honest, that probably won’t change. That is most likely not a hard thing to figure out when you look at the name of this website alone. So, what is an Englishman doing in Bangkok? At first, it was just visiting and sightseeing, like every other tourist down here, but rather sooner than later I caught myself thinking: I can see myself living down here. The problem has always been my finances but that has changed dramatically during the past few months and that is why I am sitting here writing to you from a nice coffee shop in the heart of Thailand’s capital. After finding an investor from the online gambling branch I could recently seal the deal with another investor from the same branch. 10bet casino is my newest partner and thanks to them I am not sitting in cold, rainy and cloudy Manchester anymore but right here in sunny and warm Bangkok.

Honestly, it had been quite exciting to make such a drastic step and move to a country where I do not speak the local language and barely know my way around, but Bangkok is actually full of people like me. Some stay only a few months; others move further south towards the world-famous Thai beaches and others opened their own stores here and are long term oriented. You might ask yourself which one of those guys is me, well I will let you know. For now, I am just the happiest guy on earth, thanks to the guys at 10bet casino.

One thing I learned here is: coming to Bangkok for holiday and coming to Bangkok and living here are two totally different things. I have been here a few times already and I thought that I would know the city pretty well but I have seen parts of Bangkok that have been totally unknown to me. I especially love the street food that is served here on every street corner. It is real, honest and home-cooked food full of flavor and spices.

My partnership and investment agreement with 10bet casino also gives me access to the casino and once in a while, I am landing a big win. That makes my life here even better because of the very favorable exchange rates I can not only make ends meet but really live very comfortably. As a side-note, if you are looking for a new online casino to play awesome games and which gives you lots of opportunities to land a win, go and check out 10bet casino.

I probably won’t be back in the UK for a while but I haven’t given up on traveling either. As a matter of fact, next time I will be talking to you I might even be sitting on one of those Thai beaches I mentioned earlier and enjoy a fresh coconut or an ice-cold beer and thinking cheers and thanks a lot 10bet casino.

Casino Spellen Voor Thuis Will Invest in Bangkok Handbook Website

Established in 2013, the blog Bangkok Handbook is still increasing its popularity today. This is something we noticed by tracking down our online traffic and receiving feedback from the people that are still enjoying our travel stories about Bangkok. It is really surprising for us to know that our readers still like to visit our page once in a while. Together with our travel guides, Bangkok Handbook provides readers with our highest Bangkok recommendations and tips. In order to expand our services through our website, we needed some extra help in the development. This is the moment that the company Casino Spellen Voor Thuis came in. Last month, this Dutch casino company announced their financial support to Bangkok Handbook in order to create a better website and manage more deals with local businesses.

With the help of Casino Spellen voor thuis our bloggers are now able to reach out to many different companies in Bangkok such as restaurants, hotels and attractions. With a small budget, the bloggers can try out new things in this area in order to report it on the website of Bangkok Handbook. By doing this, we can make sure that we will always post relevant and the newest activities and to do’s. Thomas, our team member since 2013 is also working in the online casino industry and has build up some great contacts along the way. These business relations were a great asset to the development of this investment idea. This is also how the company Casino Spellen Voor Thuis got involved in the entire process.

What will this new investment do for Bangkok Handbook? First of all, there are great plans for designing and developing a brand new website for the bloggers. In this way, the improvement can attract more new readers and other travel bloggers at the same time. Besides the development, the hosting of the website will also be in great hands. Secondly, Bangkok Handbook is now looking to expand the team with more travel bloggers around the world. Every English speaking and writing blogger can now sign up for their participation. From all the people and bloggers that are interested, Bangkok Handbook will select a group of professionals in order to write for us. With the rest of the investment money, we will provide some extra activities and facilities while the bloggers are in Bangkok. They still need to pay their own trip or holiday, but Bangkok Handbook will make sure that they will receive a great gift while heading to this place for us.

There are some pretty big plans regarding our brand new blog thanks to Casino Spellen voor thuis which soon will be launching a product for the Thai, namely วิธีการเล่นบา คาร่าให้ได้เงิน and indian market like the live casino house website and you can read more about it here or here and last but not least Asian Casino Club who always say online gambling can be real money, read more about it here, การพนันออนไลน์ได้เงินจริง. We are currently working very hard to start with the entire process and rebuilding of the website. If you would like to know how to sign up for our new blogger program, or if you would like to receive more information about our plans and ideas; stay tuned! We will try to work as fast as we can to have our new website up and running!