Bangkok- the perfect city for tourism!

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Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, and the city with the most population is also known as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or just Krung Thep. This amazing city is now an important regional force in business and finance. It is the international hub for health care and transport. There is no end to the fashion, entertainment and arts in the city! Everybody knows Bangkok for its vibrant street life, the wonderful cultural landmarks and the blatant red-light districts.

The consequential Buddhist temples and grand palace including Wat pho and Wat Arun stand in comparison with the other attraction tourist places like the nightlife scenery of Patpong and Khaosan Road. No doubt Bangkok is among the top tourist destinations in the world.

The city’s overall infrastructure

Although it is an amazing city to visit and for tourism purpose, I think the rapid growth of Bangkok amidst the little urban planning and administration has consequence in an aimless cityscape and deficient infrastructure systems. Defined and confines roads, against an pervasive and broad expressway network, in sync with big and consequential usage of private car have ended into crippling and chronic congestion due to traffic. This has resulted in causing severe air pollution! 4 rapid lines of transit are now in action with more arrangements under development or planned by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and national government.

Tourism in Bangkok

Bangkok is among the world’s top tourist target cities. Bangkok’s attractions, all-round sights and the life in the city plea to differing and disparate tourist groups. Temples and Royal palaces as well as a number of museums create its major cultural and historic attractions for the tourists. Dining experiences and shopping experiences endeavors a huge range of prices and choices. Not just this, Bangkok city is also famous for its charismatic night life.