A visit to the wonderful city of Bangkok

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Bangkok started as a trading center which was started small and as a port community residing beside the west bank of River Chao Phraya  many years back as I have read. Now the city has developed to suit the modern era. But its grandeur and the glory is still remaining in the city. With its dazzling temples, many places which are very spectacular, the market which is floating or the Chinatown, it holds its fame for many beautiful places. So these are some wonderful experiences I had in the beautiful places at Bangkok.

Grand Palace and Wat Prakew are considered as sacred places in Bangkok. This was the home of Thai kings 150 years back. It consists of a Royal court and a great architecture which attracts many visitors to the place. Wat Pra Kaew enshrines Phra Kaew Korakat and also the sacred Buddha image which is carved from emerald meticulously.

Another great place to visit in Bangkok is the Wat Arun’s towering silhouette which is regarded as a recognized place in entire Southeast Asia. This place will surely captivate you with the unique style portrayed by the particular stupa which is designed in porcelain that is glazed and the beauty is simply majestic.

The hotels in Bangkok range from the luxurious international ones to the boutiques which are having only few rooms. Depending on your purpose of visit, the hotel type will vary and you can choose the best one to suit you. The business travelers often visit high-end hotels in the areas like Sukhmvit and Chidlom and the shoppers like to visit hotels near Siam where the mega malls are just a few steps away. Silom and Khao San are regarded as the epicenters of the pulsating nightlife of Bangkok which offers a wide range of hotels.