My story with Jessic Eliasson

This Is James Frank from Manchester, UK. Today let me share an interesting story with you guys. I have a college friend named Jessic Eliasson and we met in a shopping mall about a month back from now. After exchanging greetings, I asked her what she was doing lately. I got a bit surprised to know that she was doing a couple of home based  jobs. One of them was reviewing restaurants/activities online. I got pretty much interested to this as this wont require me to attend office and I can work from home. When I shared this with her, she explained me how to earn money doing this. Another information that surprised me a lot is that she was the founder of Since my teenage years, I had addiction to Asian porn sites and is one of my favorites. I browse this site 2-3 hours everyday during my weekend days.

I got even more surprised to know that she is making thousands of bucks from this site per month. Earlier I dreamt to be the founder of such of popular site but I never thought that one of my friends is the owner of such a popular site while I am the visitor of it!! I was thinking silently about how many ways Jessic was going to surprise me that day!!

I asked her for some tips to build up such a site and make it popular enough to earn at least few hundred bucks per month.  And she shared some vital tips with me without any hesitation. Currently I have started my own porn site and a Dutch online casino portal named portals as I am also half Dutch.

The porn website I am building it in the way Jessic instructed me to do it. I am pretty much sure that it will start getting few hundred in daily visitor traffic within next 1-2 months.  I am already getting 50-60 Visitors per day and my site is only 20 days old!!