Our Friend from France

We have always been very fortunate to find people who shared great passion for traveling and sharing their experiences with others. In 2014, while travelling to Canada, I met Nicholas Bontour from France, who worked as a server technician at an anonymous proxy company, BrowsingAnonymousOnline.com. Like me, he too was visiting Canada to enjoy the cool, calming beauty of the country. Nicholas and I, hit off instantly. We shared our travelling experiences along the journey and I was amazed, as well as envious, with the number of places he has visited. I also came to know that, Nicholas also writes for some travel magazines back in France.

Nicholas was delighted to know that I own a travel guide blog and displayed a keen interest of being a part of it. That was the beginning of our professional relation, which later turned into an everlasting bond of friendship. Since then, Nicholas has been an integral part of our team. His deep knowledge about different countries, people, food, and traditions, have proven to be of great use to other travelers. I personally love to travel with him as much as I can, as he provides me with abundance of knowledge about different places. As far as his travelling blogs are concerned, there is something deep-seated in his writings, which adds a certain essence of bewilderment among readers. Just going through his articles will make you fall in love with that place, enforcing you to visit the place yourself.

His personal travelling experiences, unbiased reviews on food, activities, whether good or bad, are very beneficial for traveling aficionados, desiring to visit a country. Learning about a place before actually visiting it, can be very useful for travelers, as it provides them with a clear knowledge about a country they are about to visit. These travel guides also help you to choose a vacation spot, which can easily suit your taste and budget.