My Travelling Buddy Joins Us!

With keen interest in technology and travelling, I always had friends who shared similar interests with me. When I started my travel guide blog, it evolved gradually and many other things were added to it. Then, there came a point when I was unable to control all of it by myself, and thus wanted more people to join me. Thomas Ericsson, who was my colleague and a very good friend in UK, came to visit me in 2013. Like me, Thomas too had a travel bug and we both have travelled to many parts of the world together.

Thomas was now working as a slot machine developer at an online casino company Thomas joined my team in 2013, and have been an integral part of this travel guide blog since then. His technological knowledge proved to be of great use for us, and with his help we were able to add restaurant/activity section to our blog. Along with travel guides, we also started providing people with restaurant and activity reviews of different places across the world. These reviews help people to choose best restaurants and activity spots while travelling.

There is a certain feeling of wonderment when you have people who share the same interests and dreams with you. Our dream is to make this blog a one-stop-solution for all the needs of travelling enthusiasts. Be it, the places to visit in a particular country, food, or activities, we provide honest reviews for all of it. Many other sections are still under construction and will be added to the blog soon. If you have any suggestion, good or bad, we’d like to hear from you. Also, if you’d like something added to our blog, share your travelling experience, or need some impartial travel advice please feel free to contact us.