My unforgettable Bangkok experience

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My name is James Frank, a single 33 year old British professional webmaster whose native city is Manchester. As a professional webmaster, I work with a handful of clients based in the UK. I came to Thailand 3 years ago and since then I have been living in the city of Bangkok. Due to the amazing nature of the city, I am eager to share my experiences about the city with the rest of the world. Frankly speaking, I have enjoyed the last three years of my stay in this city.

I would like to start by sharing my eating experience. The city of Bangkok is home to many high profile and internationally recognized eating places. One such place is the Savelberg, an eating place which is also the haven of beauty throughout the city. For modern local and international meals, the Sensi is also a good place to eat from. I personally enjoyed my first visit to the places.

If you want to visit some of the most breath-taking tourist attraction sites, the city of Bangkok is the right one for you. I personally enjoyed my visit to the Wat Pho temple in the city’s old city area. This serves as a perfect reminder of the city’s cultural heritage. It is home to a statue whose size will leave your mouth wide open; 45 m in length and 15 m in height!

The city of Bangkok is also home to many accommodation facilities that meet international standards. There are many hotels whose rooms you can book if you happened to visit the city in the near future. First of all, there is the shanghai mansion whose usual average rating is 4.4 out of 5. Another hotel whose rooms are worth visiting is the Banyan Tree whose average rating is 4.6 out of 5. Both hotels are high class and meet international standards.

My stay in Bangkok

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My name is James Frank, a 33 year old professional webmaster who is currently handling a few clients based in the UK. I have been living in Thailand for the past 3 years. In particular, I have been resident in the city of Bangkok and I have a lot to share about my experiences and encounters in this city. Although I am originally from the city of Manchester, my stay in this part of the world has taught me a number of things that I so desire to share with the rest of the world.

First of all, I would like to air my views on the local restaurants here. Frankly speaking, this place is home to some of the world’s best eating places. No doubt, the restaurants here compete favorably with most of the internationally recognized restaurants across the globe. I once visited the Issaya Siamese club, where I found a very fine restaurant. It is quite charming and fairly romantic due to its arrangement. The restaurant has been around for the past 100 is renowned for its exceptional hospitality and mouth-watering meals. No doubt, its existence for the past 100 years is actually owed to fineness and professionalism.

If you want to enjoy some of the best tourist sites in the city, you can take advantage of the Old city which is also referred to as Wat Pho. It is a pleasant place to visit due to its rich cultural heritage. There is also the Chao Phraya River and waterways which is located in the Riverside area.

Eating places also exist in the city. I personally enjoyed my visit to the Elements and Nahm, in Chidlom and Sathorn respectively. This is where I enjoyed some of the most mouth-watering meals that I have ever come across since I started living in Thailand.

My great Bangkok experience revealed

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I am a professional webmaster based in the city of Bangkok. Although I am originally from the city of Manchester, I have been living in Bangkok for the past three years from the age of 30 till now. In my three years stay in Bangkok, I have been able to acknowledge that it is a beautiful place to live in. Based on this, I feel very excited about sharing my experience of the city’s lifestyle and tourist attraction sites.

I will start by highlighting some of the major tourist attraction sites that I was able to visit. In particular, I was thrilled by the Jim Thompson’s house. This is a national heritage house which has been held in high esteem for three decades in recognizance of Jim Thompson’s dedication to rekindling of the Thai silk industry. Another perfect place worth visiting is the amazing WatArun temple. Its architecture and location will leave your mouth wide open. I was exceedingly thrilled when I visited the place for the first time.

The other thing I have always enjoyed about this city is the high number of eating places that the city is home to. This is where I have been able to sample a number of local and international cuisines. I managed to eat at the Sra Bua in Siam. This place is perfect for local cuisines and mainly attracts many people due to its astonishing elegance and comfort. Another restaurant that is worth visiting is Le Normandie in the Riverside French area. The best international cuisines are prepared here.

There are also many hotels across the city. You can find many hotels for both business and relaxing purposes. The two good hotels in the city are the Centara Grand and the Lebua Hotel in Siam and Silom respectively.

My experience in Bangkok

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I am a James Frank, a 33 year old native of the United Kingdom in the city of Manchester. Professionally, I work as a webmaster for a number of UK based clients. From the age of 30, I had started living in Thailand, in the city of Bangkok. This is where I have been resident for the past 3 years and I have encountered a number of exciting experiences which I would like to share with the rest of the world.

To start with, I would like to talk about the eating places in this city. Frankly speaking, Bangkok is home to numerous high profile eating places. I was personally enthralled when I took my time to taste some of the meals that are prepared at the restaurants here. Here are a few examples of the restaurants that I visited.  The first time I visited L’ Atelier de Joel Robuchon, I was thrilled by the architecture of the restaurant and internal setup. It mainly focuses on serving modern French international cuisines. Although it came on board this year, it has been able to command a lot of respect among pre-existing restaurants across Bangkok. Bo lan is another restaurant whose food is worth a bite. It has been in existence for many years and has been the hub of the city in as far as preparing local treats is concerned.

In as far as hotels are concerned; the city of Bangkok has many high profile hotels that are worth visiting. Two good hotels I had spent nights in are the Berkeley Hotel Pratunam and the Grande Centre Point Hotel Terminal 21.

There are also many tourist sites in Bangkok. If you want to have a taste of the ancient Thai culture, you can visit the Grand Palace &WatPrakeaw. Another tourist site worth visiting is the riverside Temple of Dawn.

Returning with tons of experience from bangkok

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The city of Bangkok is quite amazing to live in. I am James, a 33 year old single man currently residing in Thailand. I have been resident in this country for the past 3 years and it is my sincere desire to share my unique experiences about this city with the rest of the world. I am originally from the city of Manchester in the United Kingdom, but my last three years in this country has been characterized by thrill and intrigue. It is for this reason why I would like to share my experiences about what happens in this city, with the rest of the world.

Upfront, I would like to mention the fact that the eating places here are high class. I have actually sampled some of the best meals that are available in the world today. This is all thanks to the restaurants that are in this city. My first stop will be at Rossini’s restaurant. This is actually an award winning restaurant run by an Italian. If you are in love with the best traditional Italian cuisines, this is the place to be. The restaurant is located at Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit. Another restaurant worth visiting is Mezzaluna, an award winning restaurant at Lebua Hotel.

When it comes to accommodation, the city of Bangkok is definitely among the best. I managed to spend a few nights in two hotels; the Grande Centre Point Hotel and the Centara Grand hotel. These are hotels that can take out the mundane of life out of you.

Since I started living here, I have been thrilled by the many tourist sites that are here. In particular, it is worth calling to mind the Chatuchak Weekend Market as well as Khao San Road in Chatuchak and Old city respectively.

My amazing Bangkok experience

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Being a resident of the city of Bangkok for the past 3 years has been exhilarating. I am James Frank, originally from the city of Manchester in the UK. I work as a professional webmaster for a few clients in the UK. But since the time I turned 30 years old, I have been living in the city of Bangkok. I would like to share my experience about the city.

From the outset, I would like to say the city of Bangkok plays host to numerous internationally recognized eating places. In my last three years of staying here, I have been able to come across some of the best eating places in the whole world. Let me share with you some of the eating places that have left me astounded up to this day by their uniqueness and level of professionalism. If you want to enjoy some of the best meals in Bangkok, you should try the Le Du Restaurant. This a Thai restaurant with a modern set up. It is internationally recognized for its ability to prepare high quality meals, professionalism and exotic ambiance. Another restaurant whose food is worth a bite is Eat Me. This restaurant is in a class of its own. It is one of those irresistible places that you just have to visit. Renowned for its exotic desserts, Eat Me is also a perfect place to sample some of the modern international cuisines.

Accommodation facilities in this city are numerous. The most renowned hotels in the area are the Lebua in Skhumvit and Berkeley Hotel in Pratunam. You can never go wrong with these two hotels.

Tourists sites are also present in the city. I have had a chance to visit many of them during my stay here. In particular, I can single out the floating market in DamonoenSaduak where food is bought from stationary floating boats and the Yaowarat in China Town. I enjoyed my times there.

Sex and the city- Bangkok!

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Sex tourism in Bangkok

Bangkok has a character and fame overseas as a big and considerable harbor in the industry of sex. Albeit prostitution is technically unwarranted and banned, and is barely openly talked about in Thailand, it generally takes place in the saunas, hourly hotels and the massage parlors, serving the locals and the foreign tourists. Bangkok has attained the nickname, “Sin city of Asia” for the level it has in sex tourism.

Scams at Bangkok

Affairs and arguments generally faced by the foreign tourists include overcharging, dual pricing and scams. The most common scam in Thailand is the gem scam. In this, tourists are bamboozled into buying the expensive overly priced jewelry.

Culture of Bangkok

Bangkok Culture echoes its spot as Thailand’s center of modernization and wealth. The city has from a long time been the doorway entrance of the concepts of west and material goods that have been blended and adopted with the values of Thai to many different degrees by its locales. This can be seen evidently by the lifestyles of the growing middle class.

A specific and noticeable feature of the city Bangkok is the pervasiveness and universality of the street vendors auctioning and trading goods ranging from the accessories and clothing to food items. Albeit they take up the space of the pavement and block the pedestrian traffic, most of the residents of the city depend on these hawkers and dealers for their meals, and the efforts of the BMA to brake and edge their numbers have mostly been a flop.

Events and festivals of Bangkok

The locales of Bangkok perform and honor many annual festivals of Thailand. At the time of Songkran on 13th to 15th April, water fights as well as the traditional rituals take place in the entire city.

The perfect tourist destination- Bangkok!

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Bangkok city has always been famous for its dynamic and vibrant nightlife. Admitting Bangkok’s sex tourism scene is very well known to the outsiders and the tourists, it is generally not openly talked about by the government or the locals.

Destination sightings in Bangkok

Some of the well-known destinations and sights of Bangkok are- Grand Palace, the great Buddhist temples including Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Arun. The Erawan Shrine and Giant Swing determine the deep rootedness of Hinduism influence in the Thai culture.

Vimanmek Mansion in the Dusit palace is known as the world’s biggest teak building, at the same time the Jim Thompson House gives a good example of the traditional architecture of Thai. Some of the other great museums are Royal Barge National Museum and the Bangkok National Museum. Boat trips and cruises on the Thonburi’s canals and on the Chao Phraya gives views of the traditional architecture of the city and the way of living on the waterfront.

Shopping time!

Shopping is something that you MUST NOT miss while you are in Bangkok! I am myself a big shopping freak! Shopping places, most of which are beloved to both the locals and the tourists range from the department stores full-bodied in Ratchaprasong and Siam to the drape and reclined Chatuchal weekend market and the shopping centers. One of such markets in Bangkok is the Taling Chan floating market. Yaowarat is famous for its street-side food stalls, shops and restaurants as well, which can also be found in the entire city.

Khao San Road has always been famous as a destination for the back packers with its bars, shops and budget accommodations, drawing visitors and tourists from around the world.

Now, here’s a secret I am going to tell you, although Bangkok is not very open about discussing about the sex trade, it has quite a number of destinations in it like the saunas, massage parlors, hourly hotels etc. which serve the foreign tourists and the locals as well.

Bangkok- the perfect city for tourism!

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Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, and the city with the most population is also known as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or just Krung Thep. This amazing city is now an important regional force in business and finance. It is the international hub for health care and transport. There is no end to the fashion, entertainment and arts in the city! Everybody knows Bangkok for its vibrant street life, the wonderful cultural landmarks and the blatant red-light districts.

The consequential Buddhist temples and grand palace including Wat pho and Wat Arun stand in comparison with the other attraction tourist places like the nightlife scenery of Patpong and Khaosan Road. No doubt Bangkok is among the top tourist destinations in the world.

The city’s overall infrastructure

Although it is an amazing city to visit and for tourism purpose, I think the rapid growth of Bangkok amidst the little urban planning and administration has consequence in an aimless cityscape and deficient infrastructure systems. Defined and confines roads, against an pervasive and broad expressway network, in sync with big and consequential usage of private car have ended into crippling and chronic congestion due to traffic. This has resulted in causing severe air pollution! 4 rapid lines of transit are now in action with more arrangements under development or planned by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and national government.

Tourism in Bangkok

Bangkok is among the world’s top tourist target cities. Bangkok’s attractions, all-round sights and the life in the city plea to differing and disparate tourist groups. Temples and Royal palaces as well as a number of museums create its major cultural and historic attractions for the tourists. Dining experiences and shopping experiences endeavors a huge range of prices and choices. Not just this, Bangkok city is also famous for its charismatic night life.

Our Friend from France

We have always been very fortunate to find people who shared great passion for traveling and sharing their experiences with others. In 2014, while travelling to Canada, I met Nicholas Bontour from France, who worked as a server technician at an anonymous proxy company, Like me, he too was visiting Canada to enjoy the cool, calming beauty of the country. Nicholas and I, hit off instantly. We shared our travelling experiences along the journey and I was amazed, as well as envious, with the number of places he has visited. I also came to know that, Nicholas also writes for some travel magazines back in France.

Nicholas was delighted to know that I own a travel guide blog and displayed a keen interest of being a part of it. That was the beginning of our professional relation, which later turned into an everlasting bond of friendship. Since then, Nicholas has been an integral part of our team. His deep knowledge about different countries, people, food, and traditions, have proven to be of great use to other travelers. I personally love to travel with him as much as I can, as he provides me with abundance of knowledge about different places. As far as his travelling blogs are concerned, there is something deep-seated in his writings, which adds a certain essence of bewilderment among readers. Just going through his articles will make you fall in love with that place, enforcing you to visit the place yourself.

His personal travelling experiences, unbiased reviews on food, activities, whether good or bad, are very beneficial for traveling aficionados, desiring to visit a country. Learning about a place before actually visiting it, can be very useful for travelers, as it provides them with a clear knowledge about a country they are about to visit. These travel guides also help you to choose a vacation spot, which can easily suit your taste and budget.