Reasons to play fruitautomaten

Fruitautomaten, or fruit machines, are not very popular among young players. They are often seen as games that appeal mostly to older players and popular casino game developers like NetEnt always give these games a special touch. So they end up looking like fruitautomaten, while they are actually something very different. This is a pity, because there is a large group of casino players that has never tried these great games, while they might enjoy them a lot. Let us explain to you just why fruitautomaten are the best casino games.

You can play them for free

Whenever you enter an online casino and see fruitautomaten gratis spelen, this means that you can play fruit machines for free. And this happens a lot more than with other casino games. As these games are not as popular as video slots, providers want players to get familiar with their games and offer them for free more often. Just to convince the hesitant players to try out this new type of game. And you can reap the benefits of this.

Casino games offer actual wins

Most casino players don’t realise this, but when you hit a win at a video slot, most of the times is actually a loss. Here’s an example to elaborate this statement; you can bet €10 on a round at a video slot and win €5. Instead of winning €5, you actually lose €5 when this happens. But as it is presented as a win, you barely even notice it. When you play on fruitautomaten this will never happen. If you bet €10 and hit a win, the win will always be higher than €10. So you will always be aware of your losses and wins.

All the rules are clear immediately

When you look at any of the fruitautomaten in a casino, you will immediately see all the rules. There are no complicated rules that if you hit x, you get this and if you simultaneously hit y, you get that. The rules are clean and simple. A certain amount of similar symbols on the payline, get you a win that is displayed clearly in the upper right corner. Some fruitautomaten have wild symbols and if they do, the rules are very clear.

No casino distractions

Some video slots nowadays look like an average Hollywood movie. Especially the ones with an intro. Even though this is great to watch, it might be somewhat distracting for a player that just wants to have fun with simple slot machines. That’s when fruitautomaten come in handy. Usually these fruit machines have a theme, but it only consists of one image. Take popular fruit machine Couch Potato for example. There is one image of a potato on a couch in that game, without any further distractions. And this is typical for all fruitautomaten. So you really see what you get when it comes to these games.

Just the best games

If you are not convinced yet, let us end this article by saying that fruitautomaten are simply the best casino games that have ever been invented. They are the reason that casinos exist in the first place and they are the games that have been developed further into the popular video slots. Without fruit machines, there wouldn’t even be casinos. And, for the older crowd, who doesn’t remember playing on a fruit machine at a local restaurant while waiting for their food. Back in the days, these casino games were widely available and everybody played them. There is a reason for that and if you are not convinced yet, you should just try for yourself.