Sex and the city- Bangkok!

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Sex tourism in Bangkok

Bangkok has a character and fame overseas as a big and considerable harbor in the industry of sex. Albeit prostitution is technically unwarranted and banned, and is barely openly talked about in Thailand, it generally takes place in the saunas, hourly hotels and the massage parlors, serving the locals and the foreign tourists. Bangkok has attained the nickname, “Sin city of Asia” for the level it has in sex tourism.

Scams at Bangkok

Affairs and arguments generally faced by the foreign tourists include overcharging, dual pricing and scams. The most common scam in Thailand is the gem scam. In this, tourists are bamboozled into buying the expensive overly priced jewelry.

Culture of Bangkok

Bangkok Culture echoes its spot as Thailand’s center of modernization and wealth. The city has from a long time been the doorway entrance of the concepts of west and material goods that have been blended and adopted with the values of Thai to many different degrees by its locales. This can be seen evidently by the lifestyles of the growing middle class.

A specific and noticeable feature of the city Bangkok is the pervasiveness and universality of the street vendors auctioning and trading goods ranging from the accessories and clothing to food items. Albeit they take up the space of the pavement and block the pedestrian traffic, most of the residents of the city depend on these hawkers and dealers for their meals, and the efforts of the BMA to brake and edge their numbers have mostly been a flop.

Events and festivals of Bangkok

The locales of Bangkok perform and honor many annual festivals of Thailand. At the time of Songkran on 13th to 15th April, water fights as well as the traditional rituals take place in the entire city.