The perfect tourist destination- Bangkok!

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Bangkok city has always been famous for its dynamic and vibrant nightlife. Admitting Bangkok’s sex tourism scene is very well known to the outsiders and the tourists, it is generally not openly talked about by the government or the locals.

Destination sightings in Bangkok

Some of the well-known destinations and sights of Bangkok are- Grand Palace, the great Buddhist temples including Wat Pho, Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Arun. The Erawan Shrine and Giant Swing determine the deep rootedness of Hinduism influence in the Thai culture.

Vimanmek Mansion in the Dusit palace is known as the world’s biggest teak building, at the same time the Jim Thompson House gives a good example of the traditional architecture of Thai. Some of the other great museums are Royal Barge National Museum and the Bangkok National Museum. Boat trips and cruises on the Thonburi’s canals and on the Chao Phraya gives views of the traditional architecture of the city and the way of living on the waterfront.

Shopping time!

Shopping is something that you MUST NOT miss while you are in Bangkok! I am myself a big shopping freak! Shopping places, most of which are beloved to both the locals and the tourists range from the department stores full-bodied in Ratchaprasong and Siam to the drape and reclined Chatuchal weekend market and the shopping centers. One of such markets in Bangkok is the Taling Chan floating market. Yaowarat is famous for its street-side food stalls, shops and restaurants as well, which can also be found in the entire city.

Khao San Road has always been famous as a destination for the back packers with its bars, shops and budget accommodations, drawing visitors and tourists from around the world.

Now, here’s a secret I am going to tell you, although Bangkok is not very open about discussing about the sex trade, it has quite a number of destinations in it like the saunas, massage parlors, hourly hotels etc. which serve the foreign tourists and the locals as well.